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I love photography!!! It's in my blood. Through the glass, I am able to see the world AND share my view. It allows me to slow down and focus on the image.

I found I gain much strength, energy, and balance in my life when I spent time outdoors communicating with nature. While outside, I wanted to capture my feelings and preserve memories. I picked up a camera, and found something that I always felt was missing in my life - a creative outlet and a way to express myself in ways other than words. All of a sudden there was a World out there I have never noticed, shapes, I overlooked, a powerful Universe I never took time to explore and understand. I realized I am just beginning to see.

Hi, my name is Sam Muraca, and I am a family lifestyle photographer based out of the Vancouver Lower Mainland of British Columbia. Please contact me for more information. I look forward to capturing beautiful images of your family!

The moment when your child giggles, your new baby yawns, your all-grown-up daughter walks down the aisle, or the love of your life wraps you in an impromptu hug. Time stops and and you realize that it's a moment that will never happen again. It's unique, special, and most of all - real. I live for moments like that. It's why I capture images. I want to capture those times in your life that you never want to forget. Life is fragile and it passes all too quickly. Cling to the things and people in your life that matter. I want them to grace your wall, sit on your desk, and be shown to your grandchildren and great-grandchildren. I want to help you never forget the joyful times in your life.

My favourite subjects are nature, landscapes, and people. I also do exclusive wedding shoots.

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